Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Limelight Special: Who is Petra Ecclestone?

   Petra Ecclestone is hot, young, and very rich! Recently she has been making waves internationally due to her lavish spending and extravagant taste. This would come as no surprise considering her father is Multi-Billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, the CEO and founder of Formula 1 racing. Thus, its obvious that she has no problem spending all of that loot.

    In the past 6 months Petra has purchased over 250 million dollars worth of real estate; yet with only 2 homes. One astonishing purchase was of the most expensive homes in the U.S! The Spelling Mansion, belonging to the late famed producer Aaron Spelling, which was purchased by Petra at an asking price of $150 Million. At only 22 years old she has just made one of the largest single real estate purchases in the U.S in the last decade.

   So it seems like Petra is trying to establish a name for the Ecclestone family here in States. If she keeps spending like this she may single-handedly be responsible for ending the U.S recession.

  However, lets add a bit of sour lime to the equation. One has to ask themselves why Bernie would allow his daughter to spend so much money in such little time? Seems fishy in a way one might think. Hopefully a certain Billionaire is not trying to move all of his loot to the U.S for legal reasons? It would seem like a great opportunity to secure his money abroad during a possible time of money woes? While his daughters might unknowingly be the middle-men leading this fiasco?

Bernie Ecclestone= The next Bernie Madoff?

You Decide!

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